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3D security welded wire fence

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3 wire mesh grid machine

The 3D safety welded wire fence has horizontal "V"-shaped beams, where the horizontal wire spans the entire width of the panel to provide enhanced strength and rigidity. As a special welding wire panel, the 3D welding wire fence panel is mainly made of galvanized carbon steel or iron wire, which is bent into a suitable "V" angle and then welded to the panel.
3D safety welded wire fence With its unique form, beautiful appearance and medium-level safety protection, 3D safety welded fence mesh is very suitable for residential and entertainment venues. And because of its thick wire, rigid welding structure, fully tightened bolt assembly, ultra-durable and environmentally friendly powder coating, it can still provide higher performance and longer service life, preventing theft and vandalism.
3D safety welded wire fence Materials:

3D fence panel
• "V" beam number: the panel with a height of 0.9 m / 1.2 m / 1.8 m has 2 "V" beams, and the panel with a height of 2.0 m / 2.4 m has 3 "V" beams.
3D safety welded wire fence Surface treatment: 3D protective board made of galfan wire, then PVC powder coating (minimum 100 microns) or PVC powder coating. It provides extra protection and prolongs the service life. Color: RAL 6005 green, RAL 9005 black, RAL 5010 blue, RAL 3000 red, RAL 9010 white. All RAL colors are available.
3D safety welded wire fence Materials & Features:

•Hot-dip galvanize the metal clamps and fixtures, and then apply powder coating in green or black.
• Strength and stiffness: The thick steel wire spanning the entire width of the "V"-shaped beam increases strength and stiffness.
•Modern design and beautiful surface: "V"-shaped curved curve makes the safety fence attractive.
•Sturdy panel structure: The unique welding process will not sag or deform the panel as easily as ordinary chain link fences.
•Quick installation: The panel-shaped fence can be easily connected to the column through the joint, which reduces the workload, thereby improving the efficiency and convenient for secondary use.
•Visibility: The security fence can provide surveillance functions while preventing theft and vandalism.
• Endurance: galvanized carbon steel wire and PVC coating make the fence board resistant to bad weather.
•Long service life: The coating is applied to the entire panel and fence accessories, so a long service life can be guaranteed.
•Suitable for flat and horizontal terrain: In stepped or sloping soil, additional V-shaped support will be provided to make it strong.

3D safety welded fence Applciations:

can be used in residential areas, entertainment venues, public buildings, industrial facilities, airports, schools, playgrounds, sports fields.
• The pile must be buried in the ground with a minimum of 0.5 m to a maximum of 1.2 m.
• Multiple panels can be installed on top of each other to reach higher heights.
•The distance between the pillars is preferably 0.3 m.
• A complete installation guide can be provided upon request.

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