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  • The knowledge of Chain Link Fence Weaving Machine

    Chain Link Fence Weaving Machine, also named diamond mesh machine, is welded of low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire and plastic spraying wire hook with PLC control. It has high-cutting precision and easy operation, and the cut network has stability.

  • 6-12mm PLC reinforced fence wire mesh welding machine

    The 6-12mm PLC reinforced fence wire mesh welding machine also called plc control heavy steel mesh welding machine.

  • Double Spiral Fully Automatic Chain Link Wire Fence Machine

    Double Spiral Fully Automatic Chain Link Wire Fence Machine is made of high quality mild steel wire, galvanized steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, plastic coated wire. The machine with servo motor, which has the property of accurate positioning.

  • China Automatic double wire mesh chain link fence machine

    The double wire mesh chain link fence machine is welded by high quality steel and channel steel and controlled by PLC. Its die has high hardness, which can ensure the stability and aesthetics of the network, and has high cutting accuracy and easy operation. The chain link machine uses galvanized wire or PVC coated wire. By adjusting the take-up speed, standard and compact rolls can be produced.

  • Advantages Of Roll Mesh Welding Machine

    The roller mesh welding machine adopts synchronous control technology. The central control and welding time consists of a PLC program system. The touch screen is external input, and all parameters are input to the touch screen. There are two types of input front panel: touch screen and keyboard, making the machine more intelligent and reasonable, which can be pressed again and again.

  • China 2.5-5MM CNC Numerical Control Mesh Cutting Machine

    Hebei Secure-nett Co.,Ltd. has been committed to the research, innovation and development of China's CNC numerical control mesh cutting machine and other shear folding machine tools.

  • High speed metal expanded plate mesh machine manufacturer

    Our metal expanded plate mesh machine can be used for carbon plate, galvanized material, stainless steel material, aluminum, mild steel and other alloys. Expanded metal mesh machine can produce expanded metal mesh, widely used in construction, hardware, doors and windows, machine protection and other fields.

  • Animal cages mesh machine For chickens cage,pet cage,aquaculture cage

    Animal cages mesh machine is controlled by a stepper motor driver which automatically removes material from the feeding hopper and drips accurately. The edges of the screen were pulled out of the cyclone by the wire without cutting.The drafting system is controlled by a servo motor, which not only improves the accuracy of the mesh size, but also ensures that the distance between the longitudinal and weft threads is adjustable.

  • 1.4-2.5mm ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine

    ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine adopts elastic rod and grid positioning device to make the fine adjustment of the mesh easy, the accuracy of the mesh size is high, and the welding can be freely adjusted within the specified range.with the power electronic synchronous control technology,the welding t

  • Hebei Secure-Nett Fence Facility Co.,Ltd.

    Hebei Secure-nett fence facility Co.,LtdHebei segur fence Co., Ltd. is located in Anping, Hebei Province, China. Segur has been engaged in the manufacturing of welding machine for more than 20 years. We have mature technology, advanced equipment and perfect system. We can customize products accordin

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