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358 Anti climb mesh fence welding machine

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358 mesh fence is also called 358 fence, anti-climbing fence or prison fence. Why does 358 type welded mesh get different names? It is called a prison net because it is usually used with barbed wire or concertina coils on the top of the fence, and is particularly suitable for prison and military uses that require a high level of security.
358 mesh fence name comes from its specifications. The general aperture of 358 welded mesh is 76.2mm x 12.7mm (3''x 0.5''), and the wire diameter is 4mm (size 8). It is called anti-climbing net because 358 welded net is the most difficult to penetrate among the metal wire nets, which can resist climbing and cutting through. Pass items from the protected area through the 358 fence.

358 mesh fence

358 mesh fence Materials: Hot dipped stainless steel galvanized.

358 mesh fence Features: Anti-tilt: small opening, no toe or finger support. Anti-cutting: strong wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult. Better visibility: flat two-dimensional profile, easier to observe Surface treatment: 358 mesh fence system provides a truly innovative and durable alternative to ordinary barbed wire fence systems. Using high-quality iron rods as raw materials, the welded mesh plates can be galvanized or powder sprayed. The finished 358 mesh welded panel can be very resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. The thickness of the powder coating is usually 100-120 microns. It has high strength and can resist construction. Bracket and surface treatment: galvanized/polyester coated green. Other standard colors are available upon request. 358 welded mesh fence fixing parts: panel and column are fixed together by bolts or rivets by flat steel or special steel clamps, all nuts are self-locking. It can also be designed according to the requirements of special customers. Fence fixing accessories: 1. Metal clamp with column and mesh panel 2. Cover the cover plate with bolts with posts and mesh panels.

358 mesh fence Applications: We produce 358 welded grid fence panels, which are used as anti-crawling, prisons, parks, schools, playgrounds and sports fields, public buildings, factories and warehouses, airports, etc.

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