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China 2.5-5MM CNC Numerical Control Mesh Cutting Machine

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Hebei Secure-nett Co.,Ltd. has been committed to the research, innovation and development of China's

CNC numerical control mesh cutting machine and other shear folding machine tools.


The CNC numerical control mesh cutting machine after CNC cutting should be able to ensure the flatness and smoothness of the cutting plane and minimize the deformation of the board to obtain high-quality products. The shears are fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the workbench. The workbench is equipped with support balls so the steel plate can slide on the top without being scratched. Stops are used for steel plate positioning and position adjustment. A pressure cylinder is used to compress the plate to prevent it from moving during the shearing process. Guardrail is a safety device to prevent accidents. The return trip is usually nitrogen, which is fast and has minimal impact.


max capacity: 6x2500mm

Power Supply:575V/440V/415V/380V/220V/50Hz/60Hz


1.Hydraulic transmission, welding piece, welding of the whole structure, good rigidity and high strength.

2. The return air structure moves smoothly and quickly, which can provide low oil return noise and stable working performance.

3. When cutting boards of different lengths, the cutting stroke can be adjusted, and the upper and lower blades have 4 usable edges.

4. The plate clamp fixture uses an independent compaction cylinder. The bottom of each cylinder has a plastic pad to prevent scratching the plate.



The CNC numerical control mesh cutting machine belongs to a type of forging press, its main function is the metal processing industry. The products are widely used in the construction, light industry, metallurgy, electrical, chemical, aviation, marine, automotive, power, and decoration industries, and can provide the required special machinery and complete equipment.


 Hebei Secure-nett Co.,Ltd.produces a series of products with compact structure and high precision. High, convenient operation, stable work, safe and reliable, and thoughtful after-sales service.


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