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Double Wire Chain Link Fence Machine

Also known as rhombic net machine, coal mine support net machine, anchor network HY hook net machine product display machine, net machine.

Double Wire Chain Link Fence Machine Model introduction:

Chain Link Fence Machine Also known as rhombic net machine, coal mine support net machine, anchor network HY hook net machine product display machine, net machine.The Double Wire Chain Link Fence Machine is a Chain Link mesh made of low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire and plastic spraying wire hook. It has the characteristics of uniform mesh holes, smooth mesh surface, beautiful and generous, wide and narrow mesh width and width, adjustable filament diameter, long corrosion life, simple weaving, beautiful and practical.

Chain Link Fence Machine is easy to operate, covers a small area, automatic folding edge, bending, shearing, automatic folding of finished products, the minimum cost of raw materials, labor saving, time, one person can operate more than one machine production.Electrical system PLC is Siemens in Germany, frequency converter is Yaskawa in Japan, and low-voltage electrical appliance is Schneider in Germany, with stable performance and low fault rate.

Double Wire Chain Link Fence Machine Requirements on silk:

1) double wire machine is very strict to the requirement of raw materials, at the same time the input of the two root silk soft strength must be consistent to the production, when one silk strength have change can affect the effect of wear silk, then you need to be adjusted, but the two root silk is input at the same time, in the same mould to adjust one of them is bound to affect the other one, can't do corresponding adjustment, nature also will influence the working effect of the machine.Failure to adapt to the conditions of the environment means that the machine is not practical.

2) monofilament Chain Link Fence machine, there is no more than these concerns to silk basic have no requirements, any wire as long as the computer can normal production, when China silk production process change, the adjustment is aimed at the root silk, need not worry will affect the other wire, and our machine adjustment are electric adjustment again, gently press a button, the Chain Link Fence Machine will automatically adjust, skilled workers even don't have to stop machine to complete, do not affect the normal production of the Chain Link Fence Machine, convenient and practical small labor intensity, high efficiency of the save Labour when the province.

2;1) double wire machine surface is double wire input, the sense that gives a person is better than monofilament machine efficiency should be twice as high, but in practice not so ideal, want to output two wire resistance will increase at the same time, while at the same time with direct connections to another wire mesh will increase the centrifugal force affecting wear net speed, so you have to reduce the speed to ensure that reduce the resistance and the influence of the centrifugal force, so the efficiency of the double wire machine does not improve, on the contrary will decrease in certain circumstances.

2) the input resistance of single-wire machine is very small, and the centrifugal force is much smaller without the influence of other wires. Therefore, the rotating speed can maximize the production efficiency.

3;1) for a double-wire machine, two screw molds are needed for the mesh hole. The mold cost is relatively high and no matter how big the mesh hole, the contour size of the mold must be the same.

2) the single-wire machine only costs about one fifth of the cost of the two-wire mold, so there is no requirement for the external size because the machine can be adjusted accordingly.

4.1) the limitation of aperture, diameter and width is another drawback of double-wire machines. Double-wire machines are often locked in several specific aperture ranges. To expand the range, you need to buy another machine.

2) monofilament machine on this point is a miracle, wide aperture size range cluster size 1 mm to 5 mm, 1 cm aperture - 20 cm, width 0.5 m to 6 m, so the monofilament machine also called user and bed top wire mesh machine machine, suggests the monofilament machine performance and adaptability, and can be bent screw can be bent and twist at the same time, a machine function, large scope of application, several one hold several use, improve the utilization rate of the machine and is equal to reduce the cost of investment at the same time.

Double Wire Chain Link Fence Machine Applicable knitting materials:

High quality mild steel wire, galvanized steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, plastic coated wire.


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