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Wire mesh welding machine exporter & Supplier

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Secure-Nett is an experienced wire mesh welding machine exporter & Supplier.

The Wire mesh welding machine are suitable for the manufacture of lightweight welded meshes as rolls or panels.

Wire mesh welding machine is a mesh welding system for fine welded mesh that offers the highest product quality and performance. According to the specification, cross-wires are fed through single or double wires and have special transfer and oscillating fixtures for the respective electrode levels. The grid is pulled out using a rubber three-roll system that is located behind the welded portal. This allows for a continuous division.

Operating costs can be reduced through welding presses that use servo and electrical components and cam control. The wire mesh welded machines are equipped with medium frequency welding technology (MF). Grids are manufactured directly from spools, coils or reels by spools and cross lines. Machines that do not require additional straightening and cutting lengths.

The entire process is ensured by using the most advanced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Siemens makes simple operation and visualization through the control panel.

Characteristics of Wire Mesh Welding Machines 

• From the spool, coil and reel incoming and cross feed

• Transport fixture for cross-line traction

• Swing clamp for conveying the cross line to the electrode layer

• Control the grid forward with a rubber three-roller system to ensure the highest precision

• Rotating scissors for trimming and dividing the grid into several strips System NS200

• Coiler with expansion mandrel and integrated scissors

• Intermediate storage for continuous production during drum change

• Oscillating welding with pneumatically adjustable welding machine

• State of the art features and welding current control

• High and uniform weld knot stability / resistance

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