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Welded Mesh Welding Machine

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Welded Mesh Welding Machine are designed for the economical manufacture of general purpose welded steel wire fabrics, see I.S. Specification 1566/4948, in accordance with the specified welding range. The wire of the mesh can be cold drawn or galvanized steel wire. However, they should be clean without any rust and oil.

The structure allows the longitudinal wire to be fed directly from the spool, automatically pulled as the fabric advances, and the crossed wire is cut to length during the welding process, straightened and fed into the longitudinal wire. Customers are advised to provide a five-roll straightener and bracket for long-term correct feeding.



The main frame of the Welded Mesh Welding Machine is welded steel structure, which is suitable for straightening in various occasions. Stress relief after soldering to maintain alignment.


The main frame supports a set of transformers for three-phase power supplies for balanced load and maximum power utilization. These transformers are mounted in the lower part of the frame above the drive system.

The transformers are connected in groups on the primary side and the secondary sections are arranged in sections over the width of the Welded Mesh Welding Machine. The bottom electrode is mounted directly on the bus bar and can be moved in a "T" slot to adjust the spacing across the width. The electrodes are alternately connected to both ends of the secondary indenter. The top electrode is used to short the adjacent bottom electrodes and they are connected to the ram mounted on the top beam. The top beam continuously slides up and down in its guide rail, and the electrode on the bottom electrode is pressed by a spring to squeeze the wire between the top and bottom electrodes. Adjust the pressure on the wire by adjusting the compression of the spring.

Drive System:

The drive system includes motors, brakes, worm gear reducers and eccentric drives. There are two sets of eccentric wheels, one with a fixed travel drive top beam and the other with a variable stroke moving horizontal slide for feeding the wires through the linkage. Adjust the travel of the eccentric according to the spacing of the cross lines.

Line feeding:

This includes a slider with a plurality of one-way clutches/clamps attached. These clips pull the wire as the slider moves forward. There are other identical numbers of collets mounted on the stationary platen that hold the wires in place as the moving collet moves rearward. Adjust these clips according to the spacing of the lines. A single collet can accommodate a range of diameter wires.

Cross wire feeder:

Place the cross line cut to length and straightened into the hopper. They are automatically fed between the electrodes by a feed rod operated by a pneumatic actuator. Each time the actuator is operated, a single cross line is picked up between the electrodes. The dropped wires are held in this position by an electromagnet that is pre-aligned with respect to the line.

The feeder is adjustable for crossovers of various diameters. The signal for the feeder wire is taken from the limit switch operated by the top beam.

Control System:

The Welded Mesh Welding Machine is equipped with a synchronous solid-state electronic control circuit consisting of a squeeze timer, a thermal control card and a thyristor ignition system. These thyristor pairs are used to control the three phases of the three sets of welding transformers. The start of ignition is accomplished by actuating the proximity switch during automatic operation of the top beam. The controller provides 1 to 99 cycles of extrusion and welding timers.

The main motor speed is controlled by the variable A.C. motor controller. It also provides instantaneous disconnect control for emergency situations and fault conditions.

Cooling system:

All bus bars, transformers and thyristors are water cooled by continuous flow through the provided channels.

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