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Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

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Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine is the latest development in the land and wire products industry.Reinforcing Mesh, commonly called steel bars, is mainly used for cement concrete projects in buildings, national highways, runways, dams, airports, etc. It is also used for fence use and partitions as well as safety protection seminars in engineering. 

Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine is widely used in construction and fence applications. The wire mesh is manufactured by an automatic welding process, which saves a lot of manpower and achieves uniformity of distance and quality.

Foundation and Preface 

  1. The project profile is based on two shifts per day, 8 hours per shift, and 300 working days per year.

  2. The capacity utilization rate for the first year is assumed to be 75%, after 100%.

  3. The promoter's contribution to the margin is zero.

  4. Interest is calculated on the basis of fixed capital and working capital, and the simple rate is 16%.

  5. The rates for machinery, raw materials and other items are calculated based on the current price at the time of project preparation.

  6. The breakeven point is calculated as 100% capacity utilization.

Some of the above activities can be done simultaneously to minimize time. 

Technical Aspects 

The manufacturing process feeds 6 to 20 wires horizontally according to the type of the mesh, and is connected to the machine in parallel with each other by rollers. The distance between these wires is as designed. Remove the cross lines through the parallel lines from the reinforcing mesh welding machine and all joints are welded. The roller moves further parallel lines and the other cross line enters at a specified distance. The process continues to obtain a wire mesh of the required specifications. The welded wire mesh is pulled out to make a roller. 

Quality Control and Standards 

M.S.'s premium raw materials when the product is processed in an automatic reinforcing mesh welding machine Standard gauge wires or G.I. wires are used to maintain the machine's production schedule. The reinforcing mesh welding machine must be properly maintained from time to time. Production is carried out according to the specifications provided by the customer. 

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