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Rabbit cage net welding machine

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-27      Origin:Site Inquire

Rabbit cage net welding machine

Machine type use: Mainly used in aquaculture production, instead of welding net equipment, can also be used in chicken cage, rabbit cage, mink cage, chicken cage, fox cage, pet cage and other products.

Product Profile:

The automatic rabbit cage net welding machine adopts power electronic synchronization technology. The time of separate control welding and welding is controlled by digital circuit. The control precision is high, the performance is stable, the solder joint is firm and there is no burn mark. Weft wire needs to be straightened and cut off by straightening machine and put into the blanking mechanism. The mechanism is controlled by stepping motor, which automatically takes material from hopper and blanks evenly and accurately. The edges of the mesh are neat when the wire is pulled out from the cyclone without cutting. The drawing system is controlled by servo motor, which not only improves the accuracy of mesh size, but also ensures the adjustability of the distance between the longitudinal wire and the weft wire. The automatic cage net welding machine has fast welding speed and can be operated by only two persons. It is simple and easy to learn. Products can be rolled or produced.

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