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Prairie Fence Machine

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-02      Origin:Site Inquire


Prairie Fence Machine controlled by a CNC box. Each of its components works in harmony. Its motion is stable and its operation is flexible and reliable. It is currently the only production automation around the prairie fence network equipment. The machine has the characteristics of novel structure, high precision, smooth surface, uniform mesh, strong integrity, good toughness, not tight, anti-slip, anti-compression and so on. Widely used in: zoo fences, construction sites, captive poultry, sloping green, landscaping, safari, grassland, pasture and other grazing and sheltering places, especially suitable for pasture railings, can play a very important role in rotary grazing. And the protection of the pasture. It can also be used to protect precious flowers, forests, and growing areas.

The Prairie Fence Machine is used to weave around the grassland net. It also automates tracking and weft weaving. Prairie Fence Machine is a machine that has been researched and developed by our company for many years and has independent intellectual property rights. 

Prairie Fence Machine adopts advanced computer control, advanced production technology, novel, highly automated, safe and reliable operation, easy operation, long life and low price. A wide range of products, smooth and beautiful.

This product is widely used in grasslands, pastures, mountains, to protect the natural environment, and also for poultry.

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