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Fence welding machine

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Fence welding machine is a brand new highly automated welding equipment based on the absorption of advanced resistance welding technology at home and abroad, combined with the latest research and development of domestic and international market demand. The equipment has passed many national patent certifications and adopts synchronous control technology. The welding time and sub-control welding are composed of PLC digital programming system. The input panel is touch screen or keyboard. Fence welding machine is more intelligent and rationalized than the previous welding machine. , has a high cost performance.


Performance characteristics of Fence welding machine:

1.The warp feeding platform is a chain vibration platform. The platform is controlled by a servo motor. Manually, the warp yarn is placed on the platform, and the platform is automatically leveled for convenient feeding.

2. The wire grabbing is grasped by the automatic grabbing robot. The device has passed the national patent certification. When working, the warp wire on the vibration platform is automatically clamped and sent to the welding electrode, which is greatly compared with the previous manual threading. The manpower is saved, the welding speed is increased, and the working efficiency of the Fence welding machine is greatly improved.

3. The structure of the weft blanking mechanism is novel, and the stepping motor is used for automatic blanking, the blanking speed is fast, and the placement position is accurate.

4, the host welding electrode is made of high quality chrome-tantalum copper material, good electrical conductivity, firm welding, long service life, greatly reducing production costs.

5. The pulling method adopts PLC to control the reciprocating drawing of the servo motor, which ensures the position of the pulling net is accurate and also improves the speed.

6. Variety of weldable meshes. The components related to the latitudinal mesh adjustment are adjustable, and the warp mesh adjustment microcomputer control can set up more than 10 grids with different specifications.

7. The welding transformer adopts a new type of high-efficiency welding transformer with wide voltage adjustment range, which can be divided into eight grades, which expands the range of welding wire diameter; and uses water circulation to cool and cool the transformer.

8. Fence welding machine is equipped with automatic flipping and stacking device. After the net is pulled out, the net can be automatically turned over, which realizes the positive and negative of the mesh, which greatly saves the space occupied by the mesh. After the mesh falls, there is an automatic pat device. Make the mesh stack more neat.

9. Automatic mesh output device, which can automatically transport the automatically stacked nets out of the Fence welding machine, which greatly saves labor and improves work efficiency.

10. The control system PLC adopts imported Japanese Mitsubishi brand. Other control systems and motors adopt domestic famous brands, which effectively guarantees the accuracy of the control system and greatly reduces the failure rate of the Fence welding machine.

11. The degree of automation is high. The operation of the whole Fence welding machine requires 1-2 people. Compared with the conventional ordinary welding machine, it saves labor and greatly improves the working efficiency of the machine.

12, mesh welding small splash, low burn, improve the aesthetics of the mesh, while the diagonal error is small, the mesh is more secure and accurate.

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