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ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine

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ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine is designed for welding reinforced wire ropes. The finished product is used in large buildings, roads, airports.ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine can produce high quality welded mesh for these buildings.

The EPS 3D panel production line consists of a wire mesh welder, a wire coiler, a wire cutter, and a wire inserter.

ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine  is a high efficiency, low power consumption, highly automated mechatronic product. It is controlled by the SCM and the horizontal line is automatically fed and cut. The straightening and rewinding eliminates the wire drawing tension, which greatly increases the frame plate. The net density of 50 x 50 mm 50 x 100 mm x 100 x 100 mm can be easily adjusted. Special sizes can also be made according to customer requirements.

ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine  is controlled by PLC, and the frame structure is used to fix the wire mesh and the EPS panel to advance. The catheter is used as a guide for automatic cutting on the diagonal. The position switch controls the feed length of the wire.

Hydraulic powertrain for easier working position adjustment.The automatic feedback system of ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine can realize fault alarm and solve it quickly.

Main Feature of ESP Panels Mesh Welding Machine:

 Hinged machine for efficient production of hinges for folding transport cases or transport boxes for hollow or honeycomb panels.

 Heat the embossed area with an infrared radiator.

 Multiple work portals can be randomly selected from 1 to 6 workstations.

 Can be used to produce W-shaped or V-shaped hinges.

 Radiation and embossing time can be adjusted.

 Clear structure and well-designed user concepts.

 Components can be processed simultaneously to increase output.

 The machine and/or manufacturing process can be supplemented by further process steps such as embossing the tailgate and carrying lugs/lobes.

 The rugged welded body adapts to the relevant stresses.

SiemensPLC and pneumatic components.

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