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Do you know Razor barbed wire machine?

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We have been exporting machines to set up concertina razor barbed wire production line in various premises. Major importers and distributors of our machinery are from Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and other countries.

Razor barbed wire Machine Features: Light, easy to operate, high efficient, material saving.

Structure: Two parts: the main machine for producing strip plates by punching sheets, and the coiling machine. 

Our factory can provide razor barbed wire machine to produce different sizes of razor barbed wire.

Output of 24 hours: 500 kgs.

It is equipped with cutters of 5 different shapes.

The diameter of Razor barbed wire :450 mm; 500 mm; 700 mm; 960 mm.

Razor barbed wire's material:galvanized wire and stainless steel wire.

Razor-Barbed-Wire-Machine     Razor-Barbed-Wire-Machine

Razor barbed wire machine has a light body, easy to operate, high efficient.
Adopting this type of razor barbed wire machine can help you save twenty percent of raw materials in production.

Razor wire machines are composed of the main machine producing strip plates and the coiling machine that coils the wire into the strip plate.

Advantages of the razor barbed wire machine:

Punching machine is utilized to cut steel tapes into various razor shapes by different punching molds. It is controlled by a step motor.
Razor wire covering machine is used to cover round wire into the razor, then coil the razor wire. The covering machine will be furnished with an inverter instead of the speed meter. Speed meter is very easily broken.
You can make different razor shape on one machine, need to change the punching mold for different razor shape.

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