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Chain Link Fence Machine

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The automatic chain fence (Rabitz) machine is manufactured for the manufacture of the woven mesh "Rabitz". It allows you to produce mesh sizes from 20 mm to 60 mm. However, the roll can be up to 2 meters wide and can also be wound up automatically. The weaving of the mesh uses a single wire, which makes the adjustment process very simple. You can use different types of wires that deviate from the operating standards. The production of the mesh is automatically controlled by a microprocessor which is very simple to use.

This Chain Link Fence Machine has a continuous circulation system for lubrication and cooling liquid (LCL).

Due to this process, the machine life has increased from 8,000 rolls to 1000 roll sets.

Auto-shutdown with cable jams, simple control and reliable operation allows one employee to serve two or more machines at the same time.

The Chain Link Fence Machine is warranted for 6 months and the microprocessor is warranted for 1 year. Our company also provides technical support and upgrades the machine. We stock all spare parts and accessories for the machine, so we can provide our customers with tools and spare parts without delay, ensuring no downtime in production.

The main advantages of Chain Link Fence Machine:

When developing this machine, we only use industrial service parts, which guarantees long-term operation and smooth operation of our machines.

We use a high speed, reliable gear motor (Italy) instead of a separate motor and reducer.

As a device for supplying coolant to weaving tools, we use a unique lotion pump (Taiwan).

As the guide roller for the wire we use a carbide spinneret. These spinnerets do not need to be replaced throughout the life of the machine.

We increase chain link fence machine productivity by reducing weaving downtime between the main technical steps in machine work.

Chain fence processing does not need to be fixed to the ground.

Due to the use of industrial components, the details of general engineering applications and the implementation of the unit are highly maintainable.

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