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CNC reinforcing steel wire mesh welding machine

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CNC reinforcing steel wire mesh welding machine uses a dedicated computer to control the digital machine. Digital machines work by interpreting a set of digital instructions from a controller. These can be coordinates on the x, y, and z axes or a thermal controller that receives temperature inputs in degrees. CNC steel wire mesh welding machine not only allows the operator to enter settings through traditional keyboards, but also automatically re-uses input information for increased productivity and consistency. With the development of automation and "lighting out" manufacturing, more and more people are considering CNC reinforcing steel wire mesh welding machine. Accurate implementation of the CNC concept not only improves production efficiency, but also improves company accuracy and product quality.

CNC steel fence mesh welding machines are designed for livestock farming. It is suitable for small wire mesh. CNC steel fence welding machine runs fast, accurate and reliable. Widely used in animal husbandry, small fences and other fields.

Characteristic of CNC reinforcing steel wire mesh welding machine:

1, CNC wheel design, providing high-precision mesh (patented).

2, electrode lift system to extend electrode life (patented).

3, wire coil and balance system to ensure the accuracy of the wire network.

4, wire vertical straightening system provides high quality (patented).

5. Unique high-speed cylinders are used to weld electrodes for high reliability.

6, welding pressure stepless adjustment, for a variety of wire diameter (patent).

7, high-speed mesh cutting system, 120 times per minute.

8, automatic high-speed cross wire feeding system (patent).

9, automatic grid turning, stacking and conveying systems.

10, direct circuit to improve the quality of welding (patent).

11, control system: YASKAWA, SCHNEIDER, MOLLER.

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