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4 Truths about Automatic welded Mesh Machine

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-15      Origin:Site Inquire

1 Advanced computer and "welding expert" program of  Automatic welded Mesh Machine

The advanced micro-computer precision adjustment mode can be used to set the relevant parameters in the welding process, select multiple discharges during the welding process, control the welding, single/multi-pulse or slow-form discharge, to reduce the excessive welding current to the solder joints. The impact of welding sparks and splashes is minimized.

2, Digital display and memory of  Automatic welded Mesh Machine

The welding parameters are adjusted to display the data and status by LED tube and stored in E digitally. The information in the EPROM memory will not be deviated and will be stored permanently.

3, Two-stage pneumatic operating system of  Automatic welded Mesh Machine

The welding is pressed separately by the high and low pressures to prevent the welding head from suddenly undershooting and crushing the workpiece, and then the higher pressure is applied for welding. This device causes the welding head to operate at a low pressure, and the efficiency is improved with a relatively rapid decrease. Minimize the impact on work.

4, Power and frequency fluctuations automatically compensate of  Automatic welded Mesh Machine

Built-in microcomputer scans the grid and changes frequency, such as voltage, unstable fluctuation or deviation of power supply frequency, automatic compensation adjustment.

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