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3D EPS Board Welding Machine

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3D EPS board welding machine is a new type of wall material for building, which can replace brick wall for various load-bearing walls, non-load-bearing walls, floor slab, balcony, etc.It has the characteristics of enlarging the usable area of the building (10%-15%), heat insulation, sound insulation, aseismic resistance, waterproof, simple construction, light weight, etc.It is made of cold-drawn mild steel wire welded with firm welding spot, reasonable structure and even mesh hole. 3D EPS board welding machine is a special mesh for floor heating in construction industry.

3D EPS board welding machine


Application: 3D EPS board welding machine is widely used in building, reinforcement of hollow walls, increasing elasticity and preventing wall cracks.

3D EPS board welding machine products can be used for the foundation, wall, etc have higher request for strength and stability of place and local stress place, have the effect of reinforcement in the brick and block, used in the reinforcement of the brick and block construction key points of the cement mortar in each, the brick and cement mortar to form an integral structure of a whole, the maximum stress and vibration absorption, excellent shock crack, is a good building materials.

Our Services
1 .Maintenance period:one year
2.If the buyers need, our technical staff can go to debug the machine and provide the training in 30 days after the machines arrival  at the destination port.
3.The commissioning fees: free
4.The training fees: USD100/day for each technical
5.The numbers of technical persons: one technical person per machines at most
6.The fees ,such as round-trip tickets, accommodation etc, are all in buyers’ 
account. During the maintenance period: the parts damaged non-artificially 
will be provided free of charge. If you need the technicians, we will 
assign the staff to your company. And the fees,such as round-trip 
tickets, accommodation etc, are all in your account.



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