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Wire welding machine

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Wire welding machine

Welding machine can accomplish welding requirements of different wire diameters and different meshes with high quality.

1. The maximum width of the mesh of the NC fence welding machine is 3.0 m 2, and the welding diameter of the NC fence welding machine is 2.5 mm-6 mm.

2. Air Self-cooling of Welding Transformer in NC Bar Arrangement Welding Machine

3. The welding form of CNC fence row welding machine is one-time pressing and separate control welding.

4. Cyclic wave fine-tuning is used to reduce welding pollution in CNC fence row welding machine.

5. Welding pressure of NC fence row welding machine can be adjusted.

6. Adjustable Diameter Wire Size of NC Mesh Bar Arrangement Welding Machine

7. Automatic Variation of Weft Wire Hole Spacing Input Computer Hole Spacing in CNC Mesh Bar Arrangement Welding Machine

8. NC wire fence welding machine is widely used for welding high mesh of railway fence network and highway fence bridge. The whole machine is controlled by computer and PLC programmable controller with high automation. Weldable hot-rolled ribbed, cold-rolled ribbed, hot-rolled smooth circle, cold-rolled smooth circle and other materials, wide adaptability. According to the user's electricity consumption, it can be welded once or in stages with great flexibility. The unit is designed as a separable structure to facilitate specification adjustment and maintenance. The welding systems of transformer, thyristor and upper and lower electrodes adopt forced water cooling and have flow protection device. The unit can work reliably and continuously. The pressure of welding pneumatic system can be adjusted steplessly, and the specification of steel bar can be changed quickly. The welding pressure is uniform and uniform to ensure the quality of all solder joints. The position of upper and lower electrodes does not need to be adjusted when welding standard shaped mesh, so it does not take time to change the price of spacing. It greatly improves the actual productivity.

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