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Wire Mesh Weld machine

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With the rapid development of the construction industry and the application of new technologies, the steel welded mesh, as a new, efficient, energy-saving, reinforced concrete structure of building materials, has been widely recognized by the construction industry. It increases structural strength, saves steel, saves labor, is easy to transport and construction, has high dimensional accuracy, is easy to specialize, scales production, and has comprehensive economic benefits. Many countries have enacted corresponding regulations and standards to expand the promotion of welded steel fabrics in various fields. Now welded steel fabrics are widely used, mainly for construction, industrial and civil construction concrete; transportation: high-speed railways, highways, tunnels, bridges, airports Water conservancy, port, electricity and warehouse facilities; environmental protection facilities, entertainment; coal industry, animal husbandry, forestry, animal husbandry, etc.

Wire Mesh Weld machine on the basis of advanced technology, combined with domestic actual production requirements, absorb advanced foreign experience. Wire Mesh Weld machine can weld hot-rolled ribbed steel bars, cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, round ribbed steel bars, light round shape, suitable for high-quality cold-drawn steel cross welding, large output, high precision, easy to be modified, operation, low failure rate , energy saving, low consumption, high quality. 

Wire Mesh Weld machine uses pneumatic welding, servo drive and PLC control, mesh width, mesh opening can be steplessly adjusted.

Set the welding parameters on the touch screen for easy adjustment.

There are buttons and switches on the operatiob panel, you can choose the welding method and control the movement

Machine parameter of Wire Mesh Weld machine:

Wire diameter: 1.7-3.5mm

Mesh width: 3000mm

Mesh size: 50-200mm, adjustable

The electrode can be moved at a welding speed of 40 strokes per minute

In order to ensure good welding quality, the welding current, welding time, welding pressure, etc. can be adjusted according to the material.

Key transmission components, working components, electrical components, and pneumatic components are all international brands that support long life and high precision.

The welding transformer, electrode, secondary line and main circuit of the SCR control system are water cooled.

Depending on the power supply, you can choose to weld once or 3 times.

Less sparks and low noise during the welding process.

Simple operation and maintenance.

Matches the basement for easy installation

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