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Steel Wire Mesh Welding Machines

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Steel Wire Mesh Welding Machine adopts electrical and electronic synchronous control technology. The welding time and the sub-control welding are composed of digital integrated circuits, with high control precision, stable performance, firm solder joints and no burn marks. Fast welding speed, easy operation and easy to master. The weft yarns are matched with precise weft cutting devices and precise positioning devices to ensure the same weft length without cutting. 

The wire drawing system of the automatic steel wire mesh welding machine adopts elastic rod and grid positioning device, which makes the mesh size easy to fine-tune, the mesh size precision is high, and the welding aperture can be freely adjusted within this range.

Features of Steel Wire mesh welding machine :

1, the diameter of the wire is adjustable, the weft spacing is controlled by computer random variables.

2, the unit is designed with detachable structure, and the adjustment and maintenance specifications are convenient.

3, transformer, upper and lower electrodes, etc. use water-cooled welding system, the unit works reliably and continuously.

4, welding uniform pressure to ensure the quality of all solder joints.

5, the mesh made by our steel wire mesh welding machine is formed, and the diagonal error is small.

6,The upper electrode adopts cylinder pressure or mechanical pressure, and the pressure adjustment is convenient and accurate;

7,The indenter can adjust and increase the falling speed, relieve the impact of the workpiece on the workpiece, and reduce the noise;

8,Adopting the upper secondary conductor insulation method, the insulation performance is stable and reliable;

9,The main circuit uses high-power thyristors, and the power output is strong, stable and reliable.

10, PLC program controls operation control, high production efficiency and low labor intensity;

Steel Wire mesh welding machine is suitable for welding ribbed steel mesh, steel mesh plate round and welding mesh fence, steel construction mesh , mining support cover mesh .

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