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Notices for CNC Welding Machine

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-06      Origin:Site Inquire

Notices for CNC Welding Machine

1. No part of the CNC welding machine's body or any object shall be close to the gears, transmission groove wheels, sprockets, belts, chains, straighteners, inductors, proximity switches and conductors with dangerous voltage in cabinets or transformers.

2. Handles or objects shall not be placed close to or between the upper and lower electrodes which are moving under pressure.

3. Do not dismantle or break the zero (grounding) safety protection line on the main engine and the electronic control cabinet. Check regularly whether the zero (grounding) safety protection line is good or not.

4. When there is a fuse in the electronic control cabinet, the power should be cut off first. After the reason of the fuse is found out by the electrician, the fuse core of the same type and specification should be replaced, otherwise, fire and burning devices will be caused.

5. Operators should watch, listen and hear at any time to find out the accident and hidden troubles of equipment in advance. When abnormal phenomena are found, power outage should be checked and handled immediately.

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