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Fully Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-13      Origin:Site Inquire

Fully Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine is also called chain fence machine or diamond network machine. The chain link fence machine is one of the wire fence machines. Fully Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine is an automatic fence fencing machine. Fully Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine is a fully automatic machine for CNC PLC controllers with the best service. The Fully Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine is controlled by a servo motor. Servo motors can be produced at high speed and high quality. High precision. It contains scrolling parts and edge folding or twisting parts. Cyclone screen machine. The grid is a diamond. The motor voltage is 220V, 380V, 420V, 440V, etc. (can be designed according to customer needs). High tensile strength lines can also work. The wire mesh is up to 6 meters wide.

Mesh size: 25 x 25 mm - 100 x 100 mm

Wire diameter: 1.4mm - 4.5 mm (PVC line: 1.6mm - 5.8 mm)

Wire fence capacity (speed): 150m2 / hour - (test 70mm mesh size)

Barbed wire fence options up to 6 meters (minimum can be any size)

There are 4 types of scrolling models. (Ordinary, Combi, partially compact, compact) so transfer costs are reduced by 70%.

Designed for a 24-hour continuous work system.

Two-line input.

Dual mode technology 1.1.jpg

Can be used with galvanized or pvc wire. Stainless steel wire, annealed wire, aluminum alloy wire

Controlled with a touch screen.

Automatic fence, cutting and rolling packaging process.

All information about metering, wire grid and speed can be set via the touch screen.

Notify the wire fence error by light and sound.

Allows documentation of information about daily work and metering reports.

Improve the system to avoid losing the time to start the fence when changing the mold.

High energy savings through patented operating systems and software

Due to the special noise isolation, the noise is very low.

Intervention via an internet connection in the event of a technical failure. Video or mobile phone can

Only one technician can complete the fence process.

All electronic components are good products in China

Our Fully Automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine is guaranteed for 1 year.

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