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Fence mesh machine

Views:1     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-03      Origin:Site Inquire

Fence mesh machine is also called safety fence machine, anti-climbing fence net welding machine, anti-theft screen guardrail welding machine, anti-cut fence mesh welding machine. Fence mesh machines are used to make protective fence nets, pavement nets, steel mesh, shelves, explosion-proof walls, etc. The fence mesh machine adopts PLC control system and touch screen input, which makes the operation more intelligent and convenient.

Fence mesh machine can continuously welds the anti-climbing fence mesh.
1.Straightening system
2. Welding host
3. Cross line cutting device
4.Pulling equipment

Why do you choose a pneumatic fence mesh machine to make an anti-climbing fence?
1. Each welding electrode is controlled by an SMC cylinder. The pressure can be exactly the same. Therefore, the welding points are uniform and the finished mesh is flattened.
2. A welding transformer controls 4 welding electrodes instead of 8. The welding electrode can obtain uniform power from the welding transformer.
3. A copper wire is connected to a welding electrode. (single line connection). The welding electrodes do not affect each other. The welding current is only retained at the solder joint.
4. The upper welding electrode base and the lower welding electrode base are both water cooled. It can lower the temperature of the welding electrode.

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