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Automatic welded mesh machine

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Automatic welded mesh machine is an automatic welding equipment designed and manufactured by our company on the basis of absorbing advanced electronic mechanical control resistance welding technology at home and abroad. This technology has obtained national patent. 

The Automatic welded mesh machine adopts electronic synchronization technology, and the welding and welding time is controlled by digital circuit. The control precision is high, the performance is stable, the joint is firm, and there is no burn marks. The Automatic welded mesh machines use stepper motor control to obtain material from it. The hopper is automatic. The feeding mechanism is uniform and accurate, and the warp yarn is pulled out from the cyclone separator, so that the mesh of Hebei Secure-Nett Fence Facility Co., Ltd. becomes a regular edge without cutting. The product can be made in rolls or sheets.

Features of Secure-Nett Automatic Welded Mesh Machine:

  1. The main frame is made of thick steel plate and steel bars. The main structure is more meticulous and compact.

  2. Cross wire feeding is automatic, driven by stepper motor to make the cross line alignment more accurate.

  3. the grid traction system uses stepper motor control, so that the pull mesh aperture is more standard and accurate.

  4. The mesh size of the welding is diversified. The line spacing can be adjusted with the relevant components. The cross-line spacing adjustment is controlled by a microcomputer and can be in 10 different styles.

  5. Welding uses a new type of high efficiency welding transformer. The voltage adjustment range is large and can be divided into eight different levels to expand the wire diameter range.

  6.  In order to adapt to the capacity of the customer's main power transformer and reduce the impact of current, the electrical and electronic welding control uses the separation of Hebei Secure-Nett Fence Facility import and export control power input, that is, the welding transformer can not work at the same time, but when welding the same row of cross lines Work many times.

  7. The electrical and electronic welding control system uses synchronous control technology. Welding time and separation control welding consists of digital integrated circuits with high control precision and stable function.

The Automatic Welded Mesh Machine can be used to produce roads, railways, hills, fence fences, building roof casting nets, etc.

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