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2.5-5.0mm New CNC wire mesh welding machine

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-11      Origin:Site Inquire

 2.5-5.0mm New CNC wire mesh welding machine

The 2.5-5.0mm New CNC wire mesh welding machine is made up of the follwing parts

1.Mechanical parts

(1)The pulling part includes pulling tralley,stepping motor,stepping motor driver controlled by PLC,pulling hook.

(2)The 16w stepper motor in the hopper part is also antrolled by PLC to work by another stepper motor driver.

2.Up and down motor

The upper motor head,the lower pole seat and the copper bar are all cooper.The electrode seat is chromium pickax copper.It is wear-resistant and has good conductivity.

3.Threading part

The trumpet is used in the threading seat,which makes manual threading simpler and more convenient,It is equipped with dovetail positioning device and effctively reduces the error of diagonal line of mesh.

4.Transformer and main motor

5.CNC cabinet

(1)AC contactor (2)relay (3)driver (4)touch screen(5)PLC(6)power supply.(7)frequency converter


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