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China Fully Automatic Welding Mesh Machine

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Fully Automatic Welding Mesh Machine is designed for economical manufacture of welded steel wire fabric for general use, confirming to I.S. Specification 1566/4948 as per the welding range specified.

The wires for the Fully Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine may be cold drawn or may be galvanized steel wires.

However they ought to be clean and with none rust and oil.

The construction permits the longitudinal wires to be fed directly from spools, automatically pulled as the fabric progresses whereas cross wires cut to length, straightened and fed into longitudinal wires during welding.

It is best that client give a 5 roller device body fluid symbolize correct feeding of long wires. 

Features of China Fully Automatic Welding Mesh Machine 


The extremely versatile single fastening teams with a dimension of but fifty millimetre (2.0 in) and a straightforward possibility of connection to two independent circuits make extremely productive manufacture

of terribly complicated meshes attainable within the smallest batch sizes.


Highest quality 

The positioning of the terribly stable line wire feeds is supported by a awfully precise activitysystem.

The operating software determines the correct welding parameters.

In this method the mandatory quality purchasable of the mesh is earned as before long because the 1st mesh made following conversion.

Wire material

• Cold-rolled or -drawn uncoated wire 

• Cold-drawn galvanized wire 

• Cold-drawn unblemished wire

Cycle speeds of up to 150 wires per minute and two efficient direct current medium frequency circuits if required allow a high level of productivity for complex and sophisticated meshes.

This is while not reverting to cascading that reduces potency.


Product characteristics 

• Mesh width 200 - 1600 mm (7.9 - 63.0 in) 

• Mesh length 300 - 3000 mm (11.8 - 118.1 in) 

• Wire diameter 2.0 - 8.0 mm (0.08 - 0.31 in) 

• Line wire spacing min. 20 mm (0.8 in)

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