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Automatic razor barbed wire making machine

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-23      Origin:Site Inquire

Automatic razor barbed wire making machine

Razor barbed wire machine mainly consists of punching machine and coil machine.

Punching machine cuts steel tapes in different razor shapes with different mould.

Coil machine is used to wrap razor strip up onto the steel wire and wind up the finished products into rolls.

Application: Razor barbed wire is extensively used for security isolation of military facilities, communication stations,power distribution stations, border prisons, landfill, community protection, schools, factories, farms, etc.

  1. Automatic complete production line,operator friendly and higher speed.

  2. Automatic decoiler holding max.2tons steel sheet,its motor made of copper leads.

  3. Puch machine adopts step motor to feed steel sheet fast and smoth.

  4. Puching machine adopts high quality bush,not easy to burn down.

  5. Punch machine adopts button switches and foot switch,easy to operate.

  6. Razor coiling machine adopts inverter to adjust working speed;more prcise,long life.

  7. Customized mold saving 20% raw materials;hont-cast mold,one year life.

  8. Sliting framing and recoiler to wind up razor tapes rolls tightly.

  9. Chines famous brand motor in colling machine for smoth speed adjustable.

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